In Colorado, wintertime is trading in flip-flops for snow boots, wakeboards for snowboards, and the sun kissed tan for pasty, white skin. Just because the weather has you neglecting your pedicures doesn’t mean you should be neglecting your pool. Wintertime is vital in keeping a healthy pool and having a wet and wild summer.  

As you prepare to end the days of lounging poolside, there are some things you may want to consider:

Fixing and Repairing the Pool

Repair and grout tiles. Fix any cracks that have formed in the walls or surrounding areas. Replace any broken ladders or filters. Winter time is the best time to take on these larger projects so that when the weather is warm again it’ll have that wonderful new pool feel.

If you don’t have any major renovations needed on your pool, this is a key time to prevent those costly repairs or issues for the upcoming season.  Start winterizing your pool by: balancing the water chemistry, removing all baskets, ladders, and skimmers, cleaning the pool, lowering the water, winterizing the pump, and covering the pool.

Chemicals are vital

Check the weather and be ready for that big freeze. Add algaecide and chlorine to the water twenty-four hours before shutting off the system for the winter. This will work the chemicals through the system completely before going to rest. Adding the right chemicals before the cold weather comes will save you a lot of pain later.

Warm weather measures

Open your pool early in the spring. As soon as your pool thaws in the spring, add one to two gallons of chlorine to get your pool ready for the season.  This will reduce algae and other build ups. It helps if you use an enzyme to break down non-living organic contamination. Having the cover off will also reduce how much algae will grow in those semi warm days of spring.

Winter weather

Check the weather report daily. Knowing when the next big freeze is half the battle. As winter progresses, check your pipes for freezing. Don’t be afraid to vacuum out the pipes with a shop-vac to be sure there is no residual water left. Check the water level on your above ground pool regularly. Having a good water level will keep your pool safe from problems later when weather turns cold.

Keep it covered

Keep your pool covered, keep your pool clean, and keep your pool cover clean. A clean pool cover will keep the pool underneath in good condition and be less work for you down the road. It’s also important to check the cover fits properly. If your pool cover is in good shape, your pool will be too when it’s time to start the season.

Winter time pool maintenance may sound like a lot of work, but it will pay off when it’s warm enough to break out those board shorts and bikinis. Rather than spending a spring and summer toiling or fixing problems that could have been avoided, you’ll be sitting pretty by the pool. Remember: late to bed, early to rise, keeps your pool healthy and free of surprise!


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