swimming pool installation

A swimming pool is not merely a luxury item; it’s an investment in your family and in your home. A swimming pool can provide a limitless number of days filled with family and friends.  A swimming pool installation can provide an endless source of recreation and entertainment for homeowners.  

Swimming Pool Installation with Pool and Spa Experts

The professional team at Pool and Spa Experts in Colorado have simplified the process of designing and building the swimming pool of your dreams that is within your family’s budget.  Our experts will guide you through the process and provide you with up front pricing for all of our choices.  We have an in-store designer, available free of charge, to assist you whenever you need it.

First Steps for Swimming Pool Installation

Planning is the most essential part of beginning the installation of your swimming pool.  We have created a webpage detailing the process and provided you with the tools to begin planning.  You’ll Please visit this page for more detailed instructions and downloads, including a pricing sheet and pictures of the shapes available.  

You’ll begin at home in the comfort of your own backyard, drawing out the pool area and adding the shape you and your family have chosen based on the downloads and pricing sheet.  Again, the team at Pool and Spa Experts are available to assist with this process.  Designing your own pool is a great way to get the whole family involved in the process.

Next Steps for Swimming Pool Installation

Once you have your designed printed, drawn out, and priced, the next step is to contact Pool and Spa Experts and arrange for a design consultant to go over your project design and begin the next steps to turn your swimming pool design into a reality!


Denver Custom Pools: What Sets Us Apart from the Rest

You’ve been dreaming of installing the perfect in-ground backyard pool. You looked at all the details you need to consider, such as budget, insurance and your landscaping vision. You are ready to make your pool dreams a reality, but you aren’t sure of the next step.

An inground swimming pool is not a DIY project, but a complex system that requires an experienced swimming pool contractor. Reardon Construction Enterprises Inc is known as “The Pool and Spa Experts’ for Denver custom pools for a reason – our long history of customer satisfaction and high-quality installation of uniquely beautiful pools and spas in Denver and surrounding areas.

As professionals, we urge you to compare us to our competition. That might sound a bit odd, but let us explain why. We are certain you will find our business practices, design quality and ability to work within budget far superior. Our focus isn’t just on pools, it’s about making your dreams a reality.

When looking at Denver custom pool contractors, take into consideration the following:

Customized Plans Specifically for You

We don’t simply sell you a package deal, every Reardon Construction client works with a talented pool designer. A customized plan is designed for you based on your wants, needs, budget and property. We have both pre-designed custom pool shapes and fully customized pool designs that are truly unique. Our ability to build to your specifications and budget results in more options and better landscape design.

Full Process Explanations

We want you to understand what to expect when building a custom pool. There are numerous steps involved to ensure your project is completed safely, within budget and exceeds expectations. We go over every step of the process with you and encourage all questions.

Professional Engineering

A contractor should never skip steps and just start digging. We work with a professional engineering firm to go beyond landscaping and underneath your soil. We engineer your pool to work with your location and soil conditions for durability, safety and function.

Permitting Done for You

Your pool engineering combines with city and county codes for a complicated situation. We do not expect our clients to fill out forms or file them. Let us handle that for you – after all, that’s part of our business.

WE Do the Work

We aren’t just a pretty office front. Our owner, Randy Reardon, Sr., has over 30 years of on-hand experience building pools. Every person who shows up on your property is a Reardon employee. Our construction and service are in-house, which eliminates the middleman and saves you money. We don’t contract out building Denver custom pools because we already employ highly qualified craftsmen who are fully licensed and insured.

Word of Mouth

It all comes down to customer service. References and reviews will tell you all you need to know – Reardon Construction stands by their word, their work and you. Unlike other contractors, we truly want you to contact our past clients and clients currently having Denver custom pools installed. These clients are in the middle of the construction process and can truly testify as to the professionalism of every Reardon team member.

Lifetime Structural Warranty

We aren’t just interested in your pool while we are building it, we are interested in your pool for it’s lifetime. We provide a Lifetime Structural Warranty because we are confident in the design, engineering and construction of your Denver custom pool. Your investment in a pool is a huge one, our investment in your pool is just as serious.

Take a look at what we offer versus other Denver pool contractors and you will find that our knowledge, service and quality is of the highest caliber. For more information about our pools and spas, or to start your own pool today, contact us at 303-788-1330.

Colorado is beautiful. Gorgeous mountain landscapes, the sun shines about three hundred days a year and the summer is hot. To beat that heat, there is nothing better than hanging out in the pool. Unfortunately, Colorado is also notorious for unpredictable and strange weather. It’s not unheard of to see snow in June and an 80-degree weather in October. How do you take care and maintain your pool in this ever-changing weather?

Leave the water

Thunder or snow, be ready to go. Leave the water in the pool. Any time you empty the pool, it can compromise the structure of the pool. The weight of the water keeps the walls the bottom of the pool in place. Storms put an empty pool at a higher risk for damage. You may have to clean more out of your pool later, but it is much better than having to spend thousands to repair the damage.

Turn it off

At the first signs of the storm, turn off all the equipment. Your motor/pump system will probably get wet during the storm. Turning it off will be the first defense of keeping it from large amounts of damage, this includes circuit breakers.

Put it away

You may have staged your deck area to the perfect place for all your needs, but it’s best to put all your furniture and pool items away in a safe storage area. Storms can include high-speed winds along with snow, thunder, and rain. All of these conditions can lead to serious damage to the equipment. The wind may even blow it into the pool. Save yourself the headache of pulling heavy, soaked chairs out of your pool and put them away at the first sign of a weather change.

Trim and maintain the surrounding lawn

Snow can happen as late in June in Colorado. These late, heavy snows can lead to significant damage to trees and other surrounding plants in the area. Heavy snow covering leafy branches can lead to broken limbs and other issues. Broken branches can fall into your pool, but it can also smash vital equipment. Trim back any surrounding plants and tree branches.

The cover

If it is a heavy wind snow or rain, it may be better to forgo the pool cover. High winds can lift the pool cover off the pool or send heavy things on top of the pool. It will be easier to clean and rebalance the pool water after the storm than deal with damage.

After the storm

The storm has passed and now you have a lot of work on your hands. Clean the area and the pool. Test the water and check the chemistry and add chemicals as needed. Do not drain the pool. Check over your equipment and allow it to dry out completely before turning it back on. Ensure your pool and equipment is in perfect order before using it again. Feel free to call us and we will send a technician out to help set your pool back in order.

You’ve decided to take the plunge and get a backyard pool. Sharing that pool space with all the neighborhood kids has pushed you into dreams of that serene and perfect private backyard pool. You even have an idea of where you want it, but you’re at an impasse. Do you get an in-ground pool or an above ground pool in Denver? Each brings its own set of perks and disadvantages. Looking at these can help you make that big decision before you commit.

Installation Cost

The cost of in-ground pools varies greatly based on shape and size and features. Above ground pools can run anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Despite the ranges of cost for both types of pools, in-ground pools are hands down much more expensive to install. Even the least expensive in-ground pool will cost significantly more than the most expensive above ground pool.


The rate of accidental drownings is significantly higher for in-ground pools than above ground. The lack of easy access for above-ground pools make safer; however, in-ground pools can have fences and covers to add safety features.


Above ground pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as long as that shape is round. Above ground pools are very limited in what shape and size you want. In-ground pools, on the other hand, can be any shape or size that you desire. In-ground pools are only limited to shape and size of your space.


Close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful and aesthetic pool, what did it look like? Chances are, you were thinking of an in-ground pool. In-ground pools are considered the most aesthetically pleasing of the type of pools that are out there. You can get your above-ground pool to look more like an in-ground with some creative decking, but if you are hoping for the “wow” factor, you may be looking for an in-ground pool.


All pools require routine maintenance. That regular maintenance is not too different between an in-ground and above-ground pool. The big difference comes down to the big projects. Any major projects in an in-ground pool will also be major costs. Remember that an in-ground pool is a permanent part of your home. Above-ground pools can be torn down and rebuilt.


As stated before, in-ground pools are permanent. Once you have one, it becomes one with your home. Above-ground pools outer shells last up to about 15 years. The inner lining of the pool lasts between 5 to 9 years.


Adding a pool can be costly, and getting a return on that investment is not always guaranteed. In fact, pools can sometimes decrease the value of your home. Above ground pools almost always decrease the value of the home, while an in-ground pool may add value, but never as much as you put into it. Some would argue that the cost of the pool would be better spent on other home improvement projects, however, if you want a pool, don’t let that stop you. The enjoyment you will get out of it will be worth it.

The choice may seem like a toss-up between above ground and in-ground pools, but one of our experts can help you make the choice that is best for your home and family. 

If you’re still unsure if an in-ground or above ground pool in Denver is right for you, check out some of our previous work to get some ideas! Then, give us a call and we’ll be happy to clear up any further questions you may have.

You’ve been dreaming about it for months now. Spring is in the air and before you know it you’ll be busting out the flip-flops, sunscreen, and floppy hat. But before you can plan your lazy days by the pool, there may be some clean up involved before. These simple and easy 6 pool tips will help you get your indoor pool cleaned and ready for summer.

1) Major maintenance

If you didn’t take advantage of winter months to do major pool maintenance, there’s no time like the present. Most of these require draining the pool, so be aware. Major projects include:

If you already did all these major projects or don’t need to do any major projects, your spring cleaning will look different.

2) Start with Color

Is the color of your pool looking less dive-in-blue and more gag-me-green? Look for any debris in the pool. Any junk that has collected in the pool will change the color from that come-hither-blue to something repulsive. Keeping your pool free of any debris will keep your color nice. Clean the surrounding area as well. Once the area around your pool is sparkly like the kitchen after a cleaning commercial, you can remove the cover and clean the pool. Being an indoor pool, you won’t have leaves or sand, but you may have other fun surprises in there.

3) Check the filter

Now that your pool is clean, check your filters. Rinse your filters off. After your filters are clean, put them back in and turn them on. You also should top off your pool’s water level. Check your filters for problems; they could be causing any color problems in your pool.  Using a broken filter is like using a dirty sock to strain your spaghetti, gross.

4) Test it

Testing water can be tricky business. Call the Pool and Spa Experts. We can come out and test your levels for you.  We’ll test the mineral content, its alkalinity, pH level and chlorine level. We can balance your water levels for you as well, but if you’re feeling like doing it yourself:

If the pH levels are between 7.2-7.4: your water’s pH level will let you know how much chlorine to add.  Use soda ash to increase the pH level in your water and muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate to decrease the pH level.

If your total alkalinity is 80-120: The alkalinity acts as a buffer to the pH. The alkalinity levels will be correct if your pH levels are correct. Muriatic acid will decrease it and sodium bisulfate will increase alkalinity.

Calcium hardness from 150 parts per million to 250 parts per million (ppm): Is your water hard or soft? The hardness or softness of the water will have effect this. Soft water will absorb more calcium than the hard water.  If you don’t add enough calcium in the water, the water may take it from other sources, like the grout in your tile (ruining your pool!). You can adjust the calcium levels by adding calcium chloride.

5) Wait

Don’t dive in just yet! Clean your filter daily until the water turns back to your come-hither-blue (the one you dream of). Once the color has returned, CANNON BALL!

6) Keep it up

All that is left is to do on going maintenance to prevent any big problems. Using a leaf net instead of a hand skimmer can keep your pool cleaner. Checking everything regularly will help you stay aware.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or concerned, feel free to contact Pool and Spa Experts and we can be your guide to pool nirvana.

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