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Wishing For An Inground Spa And Pool?

Are you worried that the size of your backyard or space limitations on your property will stop you from getting the backyard swimming pool you desire?  Do you have budget restraints that you think might prohibit you from getting both a swimming pool and an inground spa?


A spool might just be the answer to your dilemma!

What Is a Spool?

A spool is a blend of two words – pool and spa – to form a word describe a swimming pool variation that could be considered a very small swimming pool with jet features that make it similar to a larger hot tub.  The powerful jets allow the user to swim “laps” by swimming against the currents the large jets produce.


Besides the jets, a spool also usually includes a heating feature, allowing the space to be used as a hot tub or spa.  Some models can include partitions, allowing half of the spool to be used a pool by one person while another person uses the other half as a hot tub.  A spool is sometimes called a cocktail pool.

Benefits of a Spool

Exercise and Other Health Benefits

A spool offers the advantage of being used as both a lap pool and, if the water is warmed, a therapeutic inground spa.

Saves Space

Backyard limited by its size or other space limitations such as play equipment or landscaping?  A spool requires far less space than a traditional pool, only slightly more than a traditional spa.  

Lower Cost and Simpler Installation

Because of its smaller size, spools fit within many more homeowner budgets.  In addition, the installation process is often quicker and a spool may require less maintenance than a traditional swimming pool and inground spa combination.

Flexible and Versatile

Due to its heating element, spools can be used year round, and as mentioned before, for a variety of purposes such as exercise, hot water therapy, entertainment, relaxation and more.  In addition, when not being utilized as a pool or spa, a spool can be designed as an attractive water feature, adding aesthetic and investment value to your home.

Is a Spool Right for You?

How do you know if this unique swimming pool and spa combination is right for you and your family?  A spool might be the best choice for your family if:

Your Denver Partner for Spool Design and Installation

At Pool and Spa Experts, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and designed thousands of pool and spa combinations.  We’d love to help you decide if a spool is right for you.  Contact us today!

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Designing and building your own backyard swimming pool is an exciting adventure for a family.  Swimming pools provide a private oasis of enjoyment for friends and families, providing countless hours of entertainment.  A backyard pool is also a significant investment – not only in money, but also in time and energy. To ensure your project goes smoothly and that you receive the best value for your investment, designing and building the ideal backyard attraction you envision is best done in partnership with a professional pool design company.  

Let’s look at the five top reasons working with a professional is beneficial in the pool design and installation process.

Experienced Denver Pool Contractors

Never underestimate the value an experienced pool builder brings to the table.  Randy Reardon, the owner of Pool and Spa Experts, has been designing and building swimming pools and spas since 1971.  With more than thirty years of experience, you’ll be working with one of the most experienced Denver swimming pool contractors available.  Those years of experience are invaluable in offering your the knowledge and expertise to make your backyard the paradise you envision. Our experience ensures we’ve dealt with every eventuality that can arise when building a swimming pool and have the know-how to handle it.


At Pool and Spa Experts, we do not sell you a pool and then contract the job out to other subcontractors.  You can count on us to be hands on through every step of the process. If you have a question or concern, you can rely on our team of professionals to be on hand to answer.  Our years of customer satisfaction attest to our reliability and integrity.


Many so-called expert Denver pool contractors give swimming pool design and installation advice online, but few have the training and knowledge to back it up.  A professional pool builder like Pool and Spa Experts have had the training required to manage and execute a successful swimming pool design project.  

The Right Tools

The equipment required to design and install a quality custom swimming pool requires a serious investment.  At Pool Spa and Experts, we have access to the best equipment and tools required to build the swimming pool of your dreams. From speciality concrete trucks to unique tools and products, we have the tools and equipment for every eventuality.

Customer Service Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our many customer referrals and testimonials attest to our commitment to providing excellent customer service.  Our team’s goal is to build you the swimming pool you envision using quality materials, producing a fine product in a timely fashion.  We work closely with you throughout the process to ensure your satisfaction with the final design and product.

Denver’s Best Custom Pool Installation

Do not trust a special project like a custom pool installation to a series of subcontractors or a contractor who will sub out the process.  Contact the Denver pool contractors at Pool and Spa Experts today to work with Denver’s best. Let us help you bring your backyard vision to life!


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Tips from Colorado Spa Builders

You’ve decided to turn your backyard into that perfect oasis getaway. You’ve decided that you want a hot tub or a spa but you don’t want to look like all those other “run of the mill” yards with the large hot tub and deck combo. You want your yard to reflect you. What better way than to have a customized spa installed. A spa is a permanent construction, usually made from concrete, unlike a hot tub, which is just any heated body of water. With a permanent construction, you can have the look you want for your yard without having to go with the standard box with wooden slats.

How do you make your spa truly unique? Colorado spa builders offer five ideas on how to accomplish that goal:



Having a custom-made spa gives you the advantage of making a unique shape. You can think outside the box, literally. Making a custom shaped spa, not only add visual appeal, but can maximize both the spa and the yard space.  The shape can also be based on how many people you would like to fit in your spa. Having a different shape will wow any guest that come over for that big backyard gathering you’re planning.



A spa doesn’t have to be concrete and tile. If you want your spa to really pop, then using different materials may be right up your alley. Concrete may be best for the construction base, but adding different features like stone, can give your spa a unique contemporary look. Using stone can also tie your spa into other features in your yard, like a stone walk way up to the spa.



A spa can stand out by adding interesting and appealing features. You could add a waterfall, include a bar area, an outdoor shower, or even an adjacent fire feature. Adding these appealing additions will not only make your outdoor space unique, but more enjoyable. Even Colorado’s winter snows wouldn’t deter you from enjoying your amazing space. The Colorado spa builders at Pool & Spa Experts can help you determine which features will be best for you.



A spa alone can be, well, lonely. It can also look less appealing. Adding features around the spa can help it go from backyard spa to backyard staycation. Planting a garden surrounding the spa can help you feel like you’re far away. Adding a privacy wall can also add appeal to the spa. The wall can be made up of wood, stone, brick, or even a fancy screen. With your neighbors out of sight, that staycation will feel more like a vacation.



Your spa may get lonely. Combining your spa with a pool may be just what it needs. A pool/spa combo maybe just what you need to spice up your backyard. This too, can be customized to fit your yard and your dream. With a pool, the possibilities are endless. With a pool, you can make your spa, a spillover spa, make a kid space and an adult space, and enjoy the benefits of both a pool and a spa.

Call the #1 Colorado spa builders at Pool and Spa experts today. We can make your dreams of a unique home spa come true.

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