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What Denver Pool Builders Can Do For You

Summer is just around the corner.  Warmer temperatures bring with them thoughts of barbecues, warm weather, and lazy days. Now is the perfect time to build the pool of your dreams, one that will stand above the ordinary and turn your backyard space into an oasis. 

Are you looking for something beyond the traditional swimming pool?  There are many backyard features, designs, and ideas that can move your swimming pool from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Water features

A water feature or multiple features might be the first design element that comes to mind when you consider a swimming pool.  Many pools have features such as waterfalls or fountains, but why not take it up another notch? 

Have you considered a truly unique feature such as a lazy river or a stream leading around or to you pool?  Moving water features like those can add both visual and entertainment value to your family’s pool.

In addition, vanishing edges, custom cascades, and more can provide your backyard with a look unlike any other.

Built-In Furniture

Most people purchase patio furniture for lounging or eating near the pool, but have you considered a built in table, where guests can enjoy playing games or even enjoying food or drink while seated INSIDE the pool?

Built-in umbrellas and other shading features can provide shade for you and your family as well as serve as an attractive focal point for your pool. 

Denver pool builders can also include unique seating such as built-in lounge chairs, benches, and other places for your guests to sit.

Splash Pad or Other Features for Kids

Nothing compares to poolside family time with your children and their friends.  Memories are made and friendships are formed.  Swimming pool designers like the professionals at Pool and Spa Experts can help you add or design a kid-friendly element for your pool that will make your pool THE place to be in the summer.

Consider a splash pad, with special heat-resistant and padded flooring.  If you are looking for a simpler feature, a tanning ledge with water jets can provide a fun, safe place for youngsters to play. 

Of course, slides and diving boards are long-standing favorites, but they can be updated to include waterfalls, incorporate natural elements like rocks, and more. 

Light Features for Nighttime Fun

Add some nighttime appeal to your backyard by updating or designing a pool with light features.  Light features are simple to add and make a dramatic impact on the appearance of your pool.  Choose from rotating or fading colors, lighted colored water jets, lighted waterfalls, and more. 

Custom Features

At Pool and Spa Experts, Denver pool builders can help you design a custom feature that will make you swimming pool and your entire backyard stand out.  From fire pits to stamped concrete to seating walls, our pool designers have an eye for one-of-a-kind elements to incorporate into your existing or new pool build.  We take the time to discuss your lifestyle, your goals, and your budget to determine which features will be the most cost effective while providing the stellar appearance you are seeking to make your pool the talk of the town.

Denver spa contractors

If you’ve made the decision to add a spa pool to your outdoor entertainment area, or you’re looking to upgrade your spa pool space, it might be time to call upon Denver spa contractors. While it’s helpful to take the first step and buy that spa pool you’ve always dreamed of, to make it an entirely relaxing area you’re going to need expert input. Below, we’ve included five amenities and accessories to add to your home spa to make it a luxurious area of perfection. 


When you come home after a hard day of work, the only thing you can often feel like doing is relaxing in a spa. While the spa itself is a source of relaxation, the setting it’s in can also play a part in decreasing your stress levels and reducing any anxiety. By including plants in your spa area, you can benefit from lower blood pressure, better productivity, an increased sense of well-being, and even lower levels of anxiety.

Denver spa contractors are more than happy to recommend a range of the most popular plants that typically look stunning in a home spa area which can add both value and a sense of elegance to your property.


Your desire to jump into a hot spa or swimming pool is often not dictated by the time of day. However, if you find yourself seeking relaxation and comfort during the later hours of the evening, it’s helpful to include lighting in your spa area. Not only can this offer an additional element of safety, but it can also make your spa space all the more ambient as well.

If you talk to a Denver spa contractor, they will be able to point you in the direction of lighting that can work for you. In fact, many spa experts in Denver work on custom pools which have optional extras such as lighting, waterfalls, landscaping, and more.


When it comes to weather in Denver, residents can often get a mixed bag. At least 300 days of the year include one hour or more of sunshine, but snowfall and rain during the months of winter can be relentless. If the less-than-ideal weather is hampering your efforts to enjoy a relaxing spa, it might be time to include shelter in your spa area.

Shade cloths can be purchased for a very affordable price, or you might like to consider something a little more permanent, depending on which way your spa is facing. Spa pools are a luxury item many people like to enjoy, but having driving rain and endless snowfall can more than destroy that relaxing experience.


If you own a spa pool, or you’re considering it, talk to a Denver spa contractor about furniture to go with it. While it’s so easy to while away the hours in a spa pool, sometimes it’s nice to take a break or sunbathe next to it instead. Many different spa contractors in Denver can incorporate functional seating walls into a spa pool area to make it both user-friendly and relaxing. Such furniture can add both privacy and comfort, and can also enhance a space.


If you live in Denver, the chances of having neighbors directly beside you are high. However, having neighbors in close proximity doesn’t mean you can’t have a private spa area. You can add plants, as mentioned above, or you can invest in privacy screens and fencing. There are many different affordable options on the market – all which help you enjoy a relaxing spa without the thought of a neighbor watching you as they do the washing up.

The first step to a more relaxing lifestyle is purchasing a spa pool. However, there are many different amenities and accessories you can also add to enhance the space even further. The modern life can be stressful, so enlist the help of Denver spa contractors to create a personal sanctuary just for you.

home spa in denver

Designing a Home Spa in Denver?

Hot tubs or spas are a perfect space-saving way to create a relaxing oasis right in in your backyard.  Whether connected to a pool or standing alone, home spas are an excellent addition that will provide years of both beauty and entertainment.  Endless designs are available to create the look and environment you envision for your backyard.  Let’s take a look at some of the best home spa designs in Denver.

Best Home Spa Design Idea: In a Patio or Deck

Adding a spa to your existing deck or building a deck with the spa of your choosing gives your home spa a built-in look.  In addition, adding a wooden deck or adding a spa to an existing deck creates a feeling of intimacy with the options of screened walls for privacy or patio roofs to allow for the use of your spa even in inclement weather.  

Best Home Spa Design Idea: Spools

A spool is an ingenious combination of a pool and a spa, providing some of the best features of each while saving space and often lowering costs.  Spools are smaller than a swimming pool, but larger than a normal spa.  Spools have powerful jets which allow the feeling of swimming laps without the necessary space, allowing it to serve as an excellent source for exercise.  Spools can also be heated and jets turned on for use as a spa or hot tub, soothing sore muscles or just providing a place for entertainment and relaxing.  

Best Home Spa Design Idea: Water Features and Lights

Spa designs in Denver are limited only by your imagination and that of your installer.  Spas can be equipped with waterfalls, fountains, water walls, zero edge or infinity designs, and more.  In addition, your spa can be equipped with specialty lighting, providing endless combinations of peaceful and/or energizing light displays.  Options include lights which light up the entire water, rotating through a rainbow of colors or stopping on the color of your choice, LED multi-points of lights that may be placed above and or below the water, floating lights, and many more.

With all of the options available for your home spa in Denver, you need the help of trusted professionals, like the experienced team at Pool & Spa Experts today.  Contact them today to discover which home spa design is best for you!

denver pool construction

A swimming pool turns an ordinary backyard into an oasis and a focal point for family life and entertainment.  The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals estimates that there are approximately five million in-ground pools and 3.5 million above-ground pools in the United States.  (Source:  Association of Pool & Spa Professionals)  Denver pool construction companies will give you all kinds of advice, but determining which type is right for your family and your location is dependent on many factors, including cost, size and appearance, maintenance, safety, and value. 

In-Ground Pools

In-ground pools are undoubtedly what many people desire to bring beauty and lasting value to their homes.  They vary greatly in size, shape, and cost.  


The installation of a pool is the initial cost, but maintenance and accessories must be considered as well.  In-ground pools are the costlier option with the national average cost for installation and labor of a 12-by-24-foot concrete pool being $31,500. (Source:  In-Ground Swimming Pool Cost,  Adding features such as a slide, fountain, waterfall, or other options can increase the price dramatically.  In addition to the pool itself, other costs include decking, fencing, and other extraneous expenses.  


The maintenance costs of an in-ground pool vary as well, but are largely considered more expensive than above-ground pools.  Chemicals, cleaning, and repairs are all maintenance costs that should be considered.  However, in-ground pools are less likely to require repair as frequently.

Size and Appearance:  In-Ground Pools Are a Clear Winner

When considering size and appearance, in-ground pools clearly have an advantage.  They can be built to almost any size and shape specified, depending on your budget.  In-ground pools can be custom-designed to fit your lifestyle with options such as a lap lane, waterfalls, and diving boards.  


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, 58% all fatal drownings occur in in-ground pools.  However, features can be added to in-ground pools to increase their safety such as safety fences, alarms, and self-closing gates with locks.

Value and Lifespan

An in-ground pool does not automatically add resale value to your home that is equivalent to your investment, as some buyers do not want the responsibility and maintenance of a pool.  However, if your home is located in an area where the climate is warm most of the year, an in-ground pool can make your home more attractive to buyers and can increase the value.  

The lifespan of an in-ground pool is approximately 50 years which means your initial investment will last for a longer period.  

Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools are a less expensive option if budget is a concern and have a slight safety advantage over in-ground pools.  Above-ground pools do not have the customization options or lifespan of an in-ground pools.  However, many features can be added to above ground pools to make them more aesthetically pleasing and they have additional advantages such as easier removal.

Cost:  Above-Ground Pools, a Less Expensive Option

The installation cost for a 19-foot diameter above-ground pool has a national average of $8,300, depending greatly on features such as decking, materials and equipment selected.  


The chemicals and cleaning costs of above-ground pools depend upon the size and type of above-ground pool selected. They typically require less maintenance and the repairs are less expensive than repairs to in-ground pools, but above-ground pools damage more easily, making repairs more frequently required.

Size and Appearance

Above-ground pools are more limited in size, depth, and customization options than in-ground pools.  Although many options are available, they still lack many of the aesthetic customization features that can be added to an in-ground pool.  


The walls and removable ladders that are inherent in above-ground pools act as natural safety features, making above-ground pools slightly safer than in-ground pools.  Fewer drownings have been reported in above-ground pools.

Value and Lifespan

Above-ground pools have the benefit of being removed if you no longer want a pool or want to upgrade.  They do not, however, add value to the home and their shorter average life span of 10-15 years is another consideration when making your investment.  

Let Pool & Spa Experts Denver Pool Construction Help Choose the Right Type of Pool for You

Installing a swimming pool is a major decision, filled with options and decisions.  Selecting between an above-ground and in-ground pool is only the beginning.  The team of professionals at Pool & Spa Experts can discuss your budget, family lifestyle, and other considerations to assist you in selecting a swimming pool option that will bring joy to your family for years to come.

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